Hi, I’m Lou. I began my business ‘Holistique’ in order to deliver unique and bespoke holistic treatments which address a variety of health issues.

Before becoming a full-time therapist, I had undertaken a variety of training courses as I always had a passion for complementary health care. I will always be intrigued by the way in which addressing the person and not just the ailment has a genuine healing effect working on a deeper level than just the physical. When mental, physical and spiritual health are in tune with each other I have witnessed positive changes in my clients.

Although in awe and holding great respect for holistic treatments I had fallen into a career that became increasingly stressful and had a negative impact on my health. It was during a particularly stressful period that I decided that I needed to address my work/life balance. I had always treated friends on an occasional basis and the love of holistic practice had never gone away and always burned away inside me.  I knew at some stage in life I wanted to concentrate fully on holistic treatments.

I turned to aromatherapy and reflexology to help with my own challenges and work-related stress over the years. These left me relaxed, more balanced and better equipped to deal with life’s struggles. I continued to train in a variety of holistic disciplines and decided to help people in similar situations.

I am passionate about animals, love walking my dog and embracing nature all of which helps to balance the daily stresses of life. I practice Pilates which gives me time out to look after myself and become more aware of my mind and body connection.

I am fully insured and a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists, the foremost independent and professional association for holistic therapists. I hold full qualifications in all the areas in which I practice.